Private projects

These projects are confidential and I’m unable to disclose the details publicly. You’ll need my permission and a password to view.

UI & UX / Prototyping / Learning Management System

Better Money Challenge

An online course to help improve financial literacy

UI & UX / Rapid Assumption Testing

Home Maintenance Experiment

Experimenting to validate the problem that home owners want to plan and schedule home maintenance tasks

UI & UX / Prototyping / Design Thinking

Solar Estimator

A simple calculator to help with solar power purchase and installation

UI & UX / Prototyping

Best Budget Mobile Phones

Help consumers buy better budget mobile phones

CRO Marketing / UI Design / Illustration

CRO Landing Pages

Increasing CHOICE membership with CRO landing pages

User testing / Prototyping / UI Design

Laundry Detergent Scanner App

Helping consumers find the best laundry detergent in store

UI Design / Prototyping

Product review page

Improving the usability of product review pages

Innovation / Design Sprints / Product Design

Problem framing and Design Sprints

Involvement in problem framing and design sprint workshops to validate problems and generate ideas for new CHOICE products