An app that helps future and current parents on what to buy for their baby.

Consumer advocacy group CHOICE, has a wealth of knowledge and experience with babies and kids products. They can help reduce uncertainty and prevent regrettable purchases for new and future parents.

A product of CHOICE, Bundle is a mobile app for Australian expecting parents that gives independent, practical advice to help them get the right products for their need and guides them all the way – from researching through to recycling. Unlike other baby list websites Bundle pairs expert, unbiased reviews with real-life practical advice so parents get the right product the first time.

My role

Interaction Designer


User interface design
Visual design
Art direction


May 2017 (3 months)


What does a new parent need for their baby?

For new and expecting parents who are researching what products they need for their baby, there are common insights and reports from user interviews that demonstrates there is overwhelming and conflicting information making it difficult to decide on the right product.


Design Sprint

As part of the design thinking process, our team undertook the methods of the Google Ventures Design sprint in one of our sprints. This meant 5 days of mapping the challenge, interviewing experts in the organisation, sketching solutions, storyboarding, prototyping and testing our prototype with real users. This method allowed us to gain insights early and sense check if we were on the right path.

Product Vision

Before we started on the sprint, we had established our overarching vision for the product, which was to help confused and overwhelmed parents with

  • What to get for baby
  • Making the right decisions
  • Choose with confidence – trusted advice/tailored content

User outcomes

  • Save time in research: everything in one spot
  • Save money by getting the right things for a good price
  • Easily manage, track baby purchase
  • Satisfaction
  • Refer the products to friends/family

Sketching out ideas

As part of the Design Sprint we collectively generated several ideas using the Crazy 8’s method.  This was a fun and fast exercise in which individually we sketched 8 distinct ideas each, shared our ideas and dot voted to narrow down to a single solution.

With the Bundle team reviewing our sketches


Our UX Designer drafted a storyboard and the prototypes in the last few days of the design sprint. The prototype was then guerilla tested by mothers at the nearby shopping centre and with the positive feedback provided, our team was on the right track to continue ahead.

Credit: UX Designer, Nhung Nguyen


The Bundle app was positioned as a low endorsed brand that was not overtly linked to CHOICE, therefore Bundle required its own identity in order to identify with its target audience – first time Mothers aged 18-40.

Market trends & attributes

Generating a brand and identity for Bundle involved finding the connecting theme between the target audience and the market trend. I was then able to identify attributes that embody and express Bundle’s personality and values. In developing a concept, I then translated a single unique attribute into a visual mood board.

Doing my own brainstorm and research to determine Bundle’s identity
Translating the identity into UI assets, creating a styleguide before applying it to the prototype.

Applying identity to user interface

The teams UX Designer, Nhung put together a range of low fidelity prototypes that were guerilla tested. When we felt we were on the right track I was then able to design the user interface based on the visual identity I created.

Credit: UX Designer, Nhung Nguyen


Rather than using generic icons or stock images, I decided to hand draw over 100 individual products for Bundle’s catalogue. I then digitised my hand drawn illustrations to add colour fills and formatted them for use on the app.


What did we learn?

Bundle was launched to a closed beta group in September 2017. Recruitment of target users was done through CHOICE social pages and personal networks.

88% of Bundle participants rates the app’s content as useful

The response from our Facebook page and surveys not only confirmed parents pain points, but the feedback to our app was highly positive. Current parents and parents-to-be really valued having a solution that was all-in-one, combining interactive lists, practical advice and expert knowledge in an easy to use app.


What I learnt from this project

Focus on the hypothesis

It can be easy to go off on a tangent, so make it a ritual at the start of each sprint to remind yourself of the strategy and hypothesis to keep yourself on track.

Know what to prioritise

Planning is essential to achieve control so that the project stays in-scope. Being diligent in planning can help to meet the teams objectives and produce quality work in a timely manner.

Stop, collaborate and listen

Collaboration helps every team member understand and move effectively towards common goals. Different expertise brings different perspectives to the table, which is an opportunity to learn something new.


Product manager   Justin Farrell
UX   Nhung Nguyen
Developer   Joshua Crowley
Editor   Jen Patterson
SME Baby products   Kim Gilmour
Product Marketer   Farah Tan

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